Who is Alan Schaub?

I am a licensed School Psychologist. I have graduate degrees in both clinical and educational psychology. I can serve as an educational consultant, helping you advocate for your child to get their needs met in a public school, charter school, private school, or home-school environment. I can help you determine if there are any underlying neuro-developmental issues that may be limiting your child’s academic progress. I am willing to conduct observations of your child in their classroom, as well as attend meetings with school staff. I can assist with the formulation of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), as well as with 504 Accommodation Plans.

I am a certified Behavior Analyst. I can assist with reducing non-adaptive behaviors, while simultaneously increasing adaptive behaviors. I can write simple and effective behavior plans for either children, or adults with special needs. These behavior plans can be implemented in any environment, including homes, schools, communities, group homes, day programs, or senior centers.

I am a experienced Inclusion Specialist. I have worked extensively with children who have special needs, helping them be included with typical peers in classrooms, homes, and extracurricular activities. I can assist children with both acquiring and utilizing social skills.

I am a qualified Parent Educator. I have taught parenting classes using numerous different modalities, including Nurtured Heart and Parenting with Love & Logic. I can work with parents in my office, or in the family home.

I am a trained Counselor. I can work with individuals, couples, and families in this capacity. My counseling services focus primarily on increasing empathy, improving communication, and helping each individual get their needs met in the relationship.

I am a skilled mediator. I can help resolve conflict and find common ground for mutually satisfying agreements. I can mediate between any parties, including negotiating divorce and business settlements. Mediation is often much less expensive than legal action, and the outcome is likely to be more favorable to everyone involved.

I am an expert on Crisis and Grief. I can help with the emotional recovery process after a traumatic event. I also can write plans for organizations to prevent crises, deal with emergencies, and expedite the delivery of needed support services after an incident.

I am a practiced Life Coach. I can assist individuals, partners, groups, and businesses with identifying and accomplishing goals.

I am competent with regard to Addiction Recovery, as well as the elimination of Co-Dependency. I can help change undesired habitual life patterns, as well as facilitating the transformation of unhealthy relationship dynamics. I can assist with holding interventions with loved ones struggling with addiction.

I am an ordained Minister. I am knowledgeable of multicultural issues. I work within the boundaries of each individual’s spiritual, or religious beliefs. I am respectful of individual differences, as well as alternative lifestyles.

I am a professional Astrologer. I work with individuals to help them see their primary opportunities for soul growth, as well as assisting them with finding their life purpose. I can offer greater understanding of difficult life experiences in the past or present, as well as foreseeing such events in the future. I offer relationship astrology for single individuals looking for a romantic partner or couples already romantically involved, as well as for non-romantic relationships where greater understanding is needed such as between friends, family members, or business partners.

I utilize all these skills in my practice.  My office is located in Nevada City, although I also work with clients long distance by phone, FaceTime, or Skype.

I charge $2 per minute, for all my services, which equates to $120 per hour.  All of my services are offered within the bounds of strict confidentiality and professionalism.

If you have questions about my services, or if you wish to schedule a session, then please contact me.  Texting or Facebook messaging are best.

My mobile number is as follows:
714 323 3352

You can also email at this address:

Let me know if you need support!

I was voted one of the “Best of Nevada County”, under the category of Life Coach.

I was also featured in The Union newspaper in an interview titled “Blending Astrology with Psychology”.

~ Alan relaxing with his two daughters: Brenda and Rhonda ~