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Saturn and Uranus Do A Difficult Dance Through August 9, 2014

What needs to be built up in your life and strengthened? Where do you need a breakthrough and change?

Are you and your wife fighting over who pays which bills? Is your husband complaining about not getting enough sex and yet you feel like you are not getting your needs for intimacy met in other ways? Is your ex-spouse asking for more child support? Did your adult child just move back in with you? Did you get an inheritance and now you are trying to figure out how best to utilize the extra money? Are you wanting to move into a different role at work, shift careers or maybe go into business for yourself?

Saturn and Uranus are inconjunct each other through August 9th, 2014. This is generally considered by astrologers to be a challenging angle. There is also the potential for a major breakthrough!

Depending on your birth chart, this might be reflected by issues coming up that create tension between the energies of Saturn and Uranus. Saturn represents stability, conformity, responsibility, restriction, limitation. Uranus is associated with change, individuation, spontaneity and freedom.

With Saturn in Scorpio, this tension might include work to be done around issues of shared resources, reliance on other people’s money, sexuality and other forms of energetic exchange.

With Uranus and the South Node in Aries opposing the North Node in Libra, this tension might include simultaneous needs for independence and partnership.

Do you have the tools that you need to deal with any challenges that you are currently be facing?

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MARS TURNS DIRECT: The Red God of War Marches Forward!


Astronomically, the planet Mars appears red in color, which is reminiscent of fire and blood.

Mythologically, Mars was a god of war.

Astrologically, Mars is the planet of ASSERTIVENESS. The location of Mars in a birth chart by house, sign and connection with other natal planets indicates all the variables with regard to the person’s force, passion, drive, energy, determination and the ability to utilize vitality in accomplishing goals.


Mars is currently RETROGRADE (appears to move backward) in Libra. Libra is the sign of balance, harmony, partnerships and social justice.

Mars turns DIRECT (appears to move forward) in Libra on Monday, May 19, 2014. Mars will then continue moving forward through the signs until it goes retrograde in Sagittarius on April 17, 2016.

Mars was the only PERSONAL PLANET in the Cardinal Cross transit. As Mars appears to turn around in the heavens we might see powerful reflections of this energetic shift in our personal lives.

Much of the power of the Cardinal Cross was INTERNALIZED because Mars was retrograde during that transit. For many people, this facilitated the process of pushing through emotional and psychological blocks. As Mars turns around, there might be an EXTERNALIZATION of this energy.


Opportunities might present themselves to outwardly put into PRACTICE the inner work that was previously done during the Cardinal Cross. These issues can no longer be ignored or neglected. Instead, they need to be dealt with directly.


On a larger scale, the tension that has built up in the Ukraine might escalate. Mars in Libra wants justice and harmony. Hopefully diplomacy will win out. If not, it will likely turn into civil war for that region. This conflict could pull in other political powers, including the United States.



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Love and Light! <3

Blood Moon: Total Lunar Eclipse April 14 – 15, 2014

There will be a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE tonight!

A lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon. The Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow, making it look dark and bloody. The Moon will be COMPLETELY ECLIPSED by 12:43 AM PDT.

This lunar eclipse will be followed by a SOLAR ECLIPSE on April 28th. That event will only be visible from the Southern Hemisphere, such as Australia.

Between these two eclipses is an INITIATION for humanity on both a personal and collective level.

On a personal level, many will experience the surfacing of OLD WOUNDS. Sometimes it is necessary for wounds to be reopened, though, in order for them to finally be fully healed.

The eclipse allows us to look into our SHADOW. This is an opportunity to bring light to those areas of our subconscious to which we rarely have access.

KARMIC PATTERNS that previously served a function may eventually impede further SOUL GROWTH. We cannot address directly what we do not see clearly. In order for those karmic patterns to be transformed they first need to be brought into the light of consciousness.

Relationship issues will also arise. The Sun in Aries relates to how we assert our INDEPENDENCE. The Moon in Libra relates to how we meet our needs in PARTNERSHIP. There is a dynamic tension between these two points during this full moon. The eclipse will heighten this energy.

Some believe this could be an OMEN OF END TIMES. They quote Acts 2:19-20: “And I will show wonders in Heaven above and signs in the Earth beneath, the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.”

It is true that this “BLOOD MOON” coincides with the commencement of PASSOVER this year. It is also true that Passover ends on April 22 and the following day is the peak of the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS that many astrologers have prophesied as indicating the potential for natural disasters, war and other traumatic events.

I view it differently, however. Every ending is a NEW BEGINNING. On a collective level, Humanity is transiting from the Age of Pisces into the AGE OF AQUARIUS. During these transitions the old structures need to be released in order to prepare for new energies to crystalize. This is the process whereby our collective consciousness evolves.

My best advice is for everyone to hold the HIGHEST INTENTION, both within your own life and for the world!