Chiron and Uranus are currently aspecting each other. This began on August 27, 2014 and will continue through September 15, 2014. Many will find this astrological transit challenging until they begin to work with it’s ENERGETIC POTENTIAL.


Uranus is a LIGHTNING FLASH that raises our vibrational level to the next octave. The astrological glyph for Uranus resembles an ANTENNA and, in truth, it is exactly that. It is our link with our TRUE WILL, or SPIRITUAL DESTINY.

An antenna is a good analogy because Uranus also relates to all forms of TECHNOLOGY. In particular, Uranus is associated with anything that broadcasts INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTIONS out to the GROUP MIND or facilitates the reception of information by the individual from the collective. The INTERNET is a perfect example.

The Tarot Trump for Uranus is THE FOOL. Many versions of this card depict a youth about to step off a cliff. Uranus is associated with precipitous types of events, as in stepping into a PRECIPICE.

When Uranus is involved, expect the UNEXPECTED! Be open to synchronistic types of experiences and spontaneous change. At times these sudden events can be traumatizing. Be wary of ACCIDENTS!

Ultimately, Uranus strives to put us back into DIVINE ALIGNMENT. The more we cooperate with this process the easier it will be. One of the best practices to facilitate utilization of this energy is MEDITATION, which is any activity that clears the mind so that it can receive messages from the SUPER-CONSCIOUS.


Chiron orbits between Uranus and Saturn, which connects our HIGHER NATURE and LOWER NATURE. Chiron lifts the primitive instincts that drive us towards more spiritual aspirations, as well as brings the divine impulse down and grounds it out in the material world. In mythology, Chiron was a mentor. He taught youth how to connect with their True Will and sent them on a MYTHIC JOURNEY.

This is a great time to seek out a guru, teacher, higher education or any other type of instruction. Set an intention to connect with HIGHER TRUTH.


Chiron is a CENTAUR, half man and half horse. The horse portion symbolizes the HORIZONTAL ALIGNMENT, which is the vehicle that carries us through the world. The human portion symbolizes the VERTICAL ALIGNMENT, which is our connection back to SOURCE.

In mythology, Chiron was WOUNDED on his leg. In astrology, Chiron represents a wound to the horizontal alignment, vehicle that carries us through the world, or lower nature.

Watch for physical issues, especially in the lower half of the body. Wounds might also surface from below in terms of issues surfacing from the SUBCONSCIOUS. HYPNOTHERAPY or NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMING (NLP) might be helpful. Also consider therapies such as EDMR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), INNER CHILD RESCUE, SHAMANIC SOUL RESCUE, BACH FLOWER REMEDIES, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

The horizontal alignment and VEHICLE that carries us through the world could also be some other form of transport besides our body. Check the alignment on your car so the tires do not wear unnecessarily. Watch for nails, glass or anything that could cause a flat. Keep the engine tuned.

Pay closer attention to how you FUEL your body and well as your other vehicles. Eat healthy and maybe use a higher quality of gasoline temporarily.

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