Pisces Full Moon 2014

This PISCES FULL MOON will also be both a SuperMoon and a Harvest Moon.

Astrologically speaking, the Moon is full when it is directly OPPOSITE the Sun. The Sun is currently in Virgo. Pisces is the balancing sign of Virgo on the Wheel of the Zodiac. They each contain the essence of the other. This is reflected by the symbol of Pisces, which is two fish swimming in opposite directions. One might compare this to the Yin-Yang symbol where the black fish has a white eye and the white fish has a black eye.

Virgo energy relates to SACRED SERVICE. This might involve taking care of those that cannot care for themselves, including plants and animals, and healing practices. Virgo tend to “NEED TO BE NEEDED”. Virgo is the sign of the DISCIPLE that seeks to perfect himself or herself. The Tarot Trump for Virgo is The Hermit.

Pisces energy relates to SELF-SACRIFICE. This might involve surrender of self for the sake of others. The challenge is to render UNCONDITIONAL LOVE without sacrificing ones own needs to the extent that there is a feeling of victimization. Pisces is the sign of SPIRITUAL RETREAT. The Tarot Trump for Pisces is The Moon.

On the Pisces Full Moon the similarities and differences between Pisces and Virgo are HIGHLIGHTED.

The full moon will occur tonight: Monday, September 8, 2014. Monday is the DAY OF THE MOON. The Moon will be its fullest at 9:38 Eastern Time and 6:38 Pacific Time.

The Moon will be at its closest approach to the Earth, or pedigree, on this full moon. When this happens, it is called a SUPERMOON. This is the third month in a row (July, August and September) this year that this has occurred.

This will also be the HARVEST MOON, which is the full moon closest to the AUTUMNAL EQUINOX. This year’s Autumnal Equinox will be on Monday, September 22 at 7:29 PM PDT.

Use these energies wisely. Suggestions include seeking a quiet place to REFLECT, and/or engaging in a SPIRITUAL PRACTICE.

Virgo resonates strongly with YOGA. Any activity that focuses on SELF-REFINEMENT would be good.

Pisces desires a WOMB-LIKE ENVIRONMENT. Activities involving water might feel comforting, such as getting in the jacuzzi or taking a quiet bath. Pisces also relates to VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE. Creating or utilizing essential oils, herbal tinctures, or flower remedies might be healing.