New Moon in Leo Tomorrow Joins Up With Lucky Jupiter!

Tomorrow is a truly special New Moon!

The Sun and Moon will both be in Leo. There will be a powerful potential for new beginnings. Plant the seeds of light and love in your subconscious. These seeds might not come to fruition until the full moon, though.

The Sun rules Leo, so this is a comfortable pairing. Find a way to stand in the spotlight. If that is not possible then at least spend some time in the sunshine.

Leo is associated with romantic love. A new passion might get fired up. Tomorrow would be a great day for a wedding, or simply a romantic date.

Leo also relates to creative self-expression. This will be the perfect time to start an art project.

Leo is connected to children. This would be an excellent time to try to conceive a child, if that is your desire.

Jupiter will be conjoined with the Moon and Sun. This is not a common occurrence.

Jupiter expands horizons. This would be a good time to start a class, buy a new self-help book, or find some other way to broaden your view.

Jupiter is the teacher. Expanding the horizons of others might be another useful way to use this energy.

Jupiter in the Tarot is the Wheel of Fortune Card. Jupiter tends to bless whatever it touches. Leo is associated with risk taking, such as gambling. If you have been thinking about buying a lottery ticket or running to a casino, this might be a good time.

To understand the area of your life that this new moon might resonate with most, and thereby take full advantage of the energy, look to see where it will fall in your birth chart.

Most people have at least one house ruled by Leo. Some even have two. The house where the new moon falls is the area of your life most influenced.

In addition, look at anything in your birth chart that is aspected by this new moon in Leo joined with Jupiter.

If you need assistance with this process, then please feel free to contact me.

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MARS TURNS DIRECT: The Red God of War Marches Forward!


Astronomically, the planet Mars appears red in color, which is reminiscent of fire and blood.

Mythologically, Mars was a god of war.

Astrologically, Mars is the planet of ASSERTIVENESS. The location of Mars in a birth chart by house, sign and connection with other natal planets indicates all the variables with regard to the person’s force, passion, drive, energy, determination and the ability to utilize vitality in accomplishing goals.


Mars is currently RETROGRADE (appears to move backward) in Libra. Libra is the sign of balance, harmony, partnerships and social justice.

Mars turns DIRECT (appears to move forward) in Libra on Monday, May 19, 2014. Mars will then continue moving forward through the signs until it goes retrograde in Sagittarius on April 17, 2016.

Mars was the only PERSONAL PLANET in the Cardinal Cross transit. As Mars appears to turn around in the heavens we might see powerful reflections of this energetic shift in our personal lives.

Much of the power of the Cardinal Cross was INTERNALIZED because Mars was retrograde during that transit. For many people, this facilitated the process of pushing through emotional and psychological blocks. As Mars turns around, there might be an EXTERNALIZATION of this energy.


Opportunities might present themselves to outwardly put into PRACTICE the inner work that was previously done during the Cardinal Cross. These issues can no longer be ignored or neglected. Instead, they need to be dealt with directly.


On a larger scale, the tension that has built up in the Ukraine might escalate. Mars in Libra wants justice and harmony. Hopefully diplomacy will win out. If not, it will likely turn into civil war for that region. This conflict could pull in other political powers, including the United States.



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Love and Light! <3


The word DEVIL is the word LIVED spelled backwards. A devil is any thought-form that has outlived its usefulness.

These devils perpetuate RESISTANCE to progress.


Have you ever had a song STUCK in your head?

Thought-forms in our subconscious operate in much the same way. SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS, BAD HABITS, and other UNHEALTHY PATTERNS become programmed below the level of our awareness. We then repeatedly manifest these dysfunctional patterns in our lives, often without full awareness of the role we play in creating them.


The first step in changing these patterns is to become CONSCIOUS of them.

The second step is to break-down, or DISSOLVE, the old patterns.

The third step, which the one most often neglected, is to actively begin forming new patterns to REPLACE the old ones. In order for this to work, the new patterns must MEET THE SAME NEEDS as the old patterns in a more EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT manner.


The GRAND CARDINAL CROSS peaked on April 23, 2014.

The Grand Cardinal Cross brought in a tremendous amount of energy and a huge potential for change. We can continue to ride upon the emotional and behavioral momentum that has already been generated.


The SOLAR ECLIPSE happens today (April 28, 11:14 PM PDT). It will only be visible from the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth, such as Australia. This will only be a partial eclipse and extremely short in duration.

This particular solar eclipse is a perfect time to bring consciousness to outworn patterns in our lives, set an intention to dissolve them, and then begin working on replacing these devils with healthier and more adaptive patterns.

A solar eclipse is always on a NEW MOON. In this case the Sun and Moon are conjoined in TAURUS, which relates to VALUES. This includes assets, personal values and a sense of self-worth.

What do you value? Are you prioritizing your values correctly? Do you value yourself enough?

In Geocentric Astrology, the Earth is always directly opposite the Sun in an astrology chart. The SHADOW side of Taurus is SCORPIO, which relates to WILL-POWER, the process of ELIMINATION and the capacity for REGENERATION. The gift of Scorpio is the ability to REINVENT ourselves.

What do you want to eliminate from your life? Where can you find the will-power to do so? How would you like to reinvent yourself?


The South Node is in ARIES. Aries relates to INDEPENDENCE and the ability to ASSERT individual needs.

Are you able to assert your individual needs without being too passive or too aggressive?

The North Node is in LIBRA. Libra relates to PARTNERSHIP and the need for HARMONY, or BALANCE.

Are you able to be in partnership without losing your sense of self? Where do you need to establish more balance and harmony in your life?


What devils challenge you most?


Please contact me if you need assistance in any of these areas?


The Sun moves into Taurus tonight!

The fiery acceleration of Aries is slowed by the inertia of this sign. The beauty of the world is made manifest.

The energy of Taurus may be expressed in your birth chart, and not necessarily through the position of your Sun at birth. You might have a Taurus Ascendant (Taurus Rising), Taurus Descendant, Taurus Midheaven, Taurus Nadir or any number of planets and asteroids in this sign.

Taurus is a Fixed-Earth sign. Those with strong Taurus energy in their birth chart often feel the need to ground themselves out through physical activity, such as gardening, or some other strong connection with the Earth. Taurus harmonizes well with the other Earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn.

Taurus likes to work towards goals at a steady pace. If this direction is impeded, rushed and there is a feeling of being forced in a different direction then the individual might become stubborn or even angry.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, and shares this planetary rulership with Libra. The combination of Fixed-Earth energy with Venus means this sign has an inward need for harmony and beauty. Taurus is sensual and loves to touch, taste, smell, see and smell the world. This deep attention to the senses can manifest as over-sensitivity to certain stimuli. Taurus may also have difficulty with anything that is abstract or intangible. Taurus can also be hedonistic, meaning over-indulging in the senses.

Taurus also often seeks to express harmony and beauty outwardly. This might be accomplished through tasteful clothing, decorating, cooking or artistic pursuits. Taurus also has a need for a sense of comfort, security and stability in their life and environment.

Taurus rules the Second House of values. This includes anything we feel has worth, including all our assets. It also relates to the personal or cultural values we hold. Finally, it may be associated with our intrinsic value or sense of self-worth.

When one of these areas is imbalanced, the focus of Taurus energy may over-compensate in other areas. For example, if inner wealth is lacking then the individual may become materialistic, forming excessive attachments to money and possessions. It can also manifest as rigidity with regard to personal or cultural values and judgement of others who do not hold the same values.

Taurus rules the throat as well as most of the anatomy involved with speaking and singing. It is important for those with strong Taurus energy to exercise the voice by communicating needs assertively.

Esoterically, Taurus corresponds with the Hierophant in the Tarot. The Hierophant sits in the East of the Temple, the place of dawning light, in both ancient and modern mystery schools. One meaning of this card is a human agency serving as mediator between the spiritual and the mundane, as well as the voice or oracle of the Divine. Those with strong Taurus energy in their birth charts might feel a calling to take on this role.

Blood Moon: Total Lunar Eclipse April 14 – 15, 2014

There will be a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE tonight!

A lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon. The Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow, making it look dark and bloody. The Moon will be COMPLETELY ECLIPSED by 12:43 AM PDT.

This lunar eclipse will be followed by a SOLAR ECLIPSE on April 28th. That event will only be visible from the Southern Hemisphere, such as Australia.

Between these two eclipses is an INITIATION for humanity on both a personal and collective level.

On a personal level, many will experience the surfacing of OLD WOUNDS. Sometimes it is necessary for wounds to be reopened, though, in order for them to finally be fully healed.

The eclipse allows us to look into our SHADOW. This is an opportunity to bring light to those areas of our subconscious to which we rarely have access.

KARMIC PATTERNS that previously served a function may eventually impede further SOUL GROWTH. We cannot address directly what we do not see clearly. In order for those karmic patterns to be transformed they first need to be brought into the light of consciousness.

Relationship issues will also arise. The Sun in Aries relates to how we assert our INDEPENDENCE. The Moon in Libra relates to how we meet our needs in PARTNERSHIP. There is a dynamic tension between these two points during this full moon. The eclipse will heighten this energy.

Some believe this could be an OMEN OF END TIMES. They quote Acts 2:19-20: “And I will show wonders in Heaven above and signs in the Earth beneath, the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.”

It is true that this “BLOOD MOON” coincides with the commencement of PASSOVER this year. It is also true that Passover ends on April 22 and the following day is the peak of the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS that many astrologers have prophesied as indicating the potential for natural disasters, war and other traumatic events.

I view it differently, however. Every ending is a NEW BEGINNING. On a collective level, Humanity is transiting from the Age of Pisces into the AGE OF AQUARIUS. During these transitions the old structures need to be released in order to prepare for new energies to crystalize. This is the process whereby our collective consciousness evolves.

My best advice is for everyone to hold the HIGHEST INTENTION, both within your own life and for the world!

Do you believe in luck, or magic?

Is the best way to obtain luck and good fortune on Saint Patrick’s Day to look for leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, or pots of gold at the end of rainbows?

Although all of these traditional associations connected with Saint Patrick’s Day sound fun, I would say true “luck” is all about timing. Astrology might be described as the study and usage of timing to increase luck.

We experience greater luck when our individual consciousness, and the focus of our energies, is aligned with the cycles of nature and the Universe.

Many holidays are layered upon older traditions. Ultimately, most go back to the sacred calendar of the year, which is fairly universal in human consciousness. I believe this may also be true of Saint Patrick’s Day.

So then, is there any underlying spiritual significance of Saint Patrick’s Day in connection with where it falls during the year?


St. Patrick’s Day annually falls on March 17, at which time the Sun is nearly the end of its seasonal journey through the sign of Pisces. Pisces is the most “transpersonal” sign. It is “spiritual” in the sense that is reflects a desire to fully surrender the ego in order to connect with something larger, that provides greater meaning.

Many people celebrate this holiday by becoming intoxicated. Alcohol (“spirits”) is substituted for Spirit, by which I mean a deeper and more meaningful connection with what is greater than our individuality.

I would suggest that this ritual surrender of “drinking to oblivion” might be an intuitive response to this annual calling for deeper connection.

People who are born when the Sun is in Pisces have a greater capacity for dreaming, visualizing, and imagining. This is a form of surrender. It is the surrender of discernment, by which I mean the critical or rational mind, to tap the limitless potential of the personal subconscious. Ideally, this surrender leads us to the Collective Unconscious from where all meaning is derived.

Mystical experiences also require a surrender of discernment. I believe that it is important for us to open up in this manner before setting new intentions. Surrender creates a bubble of potential. This is when we are the most receptive. This does not need to relate to any particular religion or deity. It is simply a surrender to “ALL THAT IS”.

The Spring/Vernal Equinox is the first official day of Spring. Astrologically it occurs when the Sun leaves the sign of Pisces and enters Aries. This always follows immediately after Saint Patrick’s Day.

Unlike the diffuse quality of Pisces, Aries is like a laser beam. It represents focusing the fire and passion of our intention in one direction.

In the ancient mystery schools, as well as in many modern day magical lodges, the Spring Equinox is the day when the Hierophant chooses a word or phrase – almost a magical motto – that represents the intention to be held by the spiritual community for the duration of the year.

I suggest that each of you consider doing the same.

The practice is simple:

1) Take this time as the Sun reaches the end of Pisces to reflect, dream, and surrender to something greater. Sacrifice your own ego. Become intoxicated with Spirit.

2) Be receptive to whatever message might come back to you from the Universe. Inspiration means only to “breath in” and let yourself be filled. Find meaning.

3) Choose a word or phrase to match whatever you receive. Do not over-analyze. Simply let it come and capture the essence in as concise a manner as possible. Distill it down to a sentence, phrase or single word.

4) On the Spring Equinox state your word or phrase aloud with a clear, forceful, passionate, unwavering intention to express it throughout the year.


The Spring Equinox this year is Thursday, March 20.

There truly is magic at the end of the rainbow. We each create our own luck. <3


What historic events occurred on the day of your birth?

I was born on October 29, 1966. This was a full moon and a lunar eclipse.

Saturn is the planet of karmic responsibility. Dark Moon Lilith is associated with the wound of the Divine Feminine and her desire for healing with the Divine Masculine. In my birth chart they are exactly conjunct.

On the day of my birth, the first Lunar Orbiter crashed into the dark side of the moon.

On the same day, The National Organization of Women was founded. Their Mission Statement is as follows: “The purpose of NOW is to take action to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society now, exercising all privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with men.”

Part of my True Will is to facilitate this healing process between the Masculine and Feminine Polarity. I do this both by working with clients individually, as well as through Couples Coaching.

I plan to marry in May of this year (2014). My future wife, Amber Boardman, has Saturn conjunct Dark Moon Lilith in her birth chart exactly opposite mine.  I see this as a further healing in my life between the Masculine and Feminine Polarity.