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Today is the NEW MOON IN ARIES.

One might think that the Sun and Moon both in Aries might place an emphasis on SELF-EXPRESSION and CARE OF PERSONAL NEEDS. This is true!

There is also a combination of energies in play that may offer the potential for HEALING, particularly with regard to RELATIONSHIP. Unless we assert our individual needs, healthy partnership is impossible.

The key to these astrological transits is a FINGER OF GOD (Yod) pointing directly at the NORTH NODE IN LIBRA. This aspect says, “There is a major opportunity for soul growth if you LOOK HERE and DO THIS!”

The North Node indicates where the energies are moving. In this case, Libra is the sign of PARTNERSHIP and HARMONY.

The South Node is the past, including PAST LIVES. In this case, the South Node is aspecting Vesta, Neptune, and Hygeia.

Vesta and Neptune are conjoined, which translates to holding sacred space (Vesta) for unconditional love (Neptune). Can you see yourself and your partner as EVOLVING SOULS and offer each other UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, even when there are aspects of each of you and your relationship that you may not like?

There is a beautiful trine between this conjunction (Vesta and Neptune) with Hygeia (goddess of healing), which indicates the potential available for HEALING.

Mercury (communication) is aspecting Venus (love), which is supportive of EMPATHETIC COMMUNICATION.

Pluto (god of the dead and guardian of riches in the underworld) is aspecting Lilith (wound of the divine feminine when her trust has been broken with the masculine). If we can FACE THE SHADES OF THE PAST, then we can RECOGNIZE UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP PATTERNS. There is a wealth of emotional resources to be mined and utilized in relationship if the unconscious habits that limit intimacy can be made conscious. Instead of continuously reacting in an unconscious manner, we can begin truly RESPONDING CONSCIOUSLY.

Saturn aspecting Ceres gives STRUCTURE and COMMITMENT to NURTURANCE in order to make all this happen.

A grouping of aspects is being formed called a MYSTIC RECTANGLE. Three of the corners are formed by Venus, Ceres, and Saturn. The fourth corner is a pairing of Jupiter (expansion) and Juno (marriage) in Leo (romantic love).

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