Saturn and Uranus Do A Difficult Dance Through August 9, 2014

What needs to be built up in your life and strengthened? Where do you need a breakthrough and change?

Are you and your wife fighting over who pays which bills? Is your husband complaining about not getting enough sex and yet you feel like you are not getting your needs for intimacy met in other ways? Is your ex-spouse asking for more child support? Did your adult child just move back in with you? Did you get an inheritance and now you are trying to figure out how best to utilize the extra money? Are you wanting to move into a different role at work, shift careers or maybe go into business for yourself?

Saturn and Uranus are inconjunct each other through August 9th, 2014. This is generally considered by astrologers to be a challenging angle. There is also the potential for a major breakthrough!

Depending on your birth chart, this might be reflected by issues coming up that create tension between the energies of Saturn and Uranus. Saturn represents stability, conformity, responsibility, restriction, limitation. Uranus is associated with change, individuation, spontaneity and freedom.

With Saturn in Scorpio, this tension might include work to be done around issues of shared resources, reliance on other people’s money, sexuality and other forms of energetic exchange.

With Uranus and the South Node in Aries opposing the North Node in Libra, this tension might include simultaneous needs for independence and partnership.

Do you have the tools that you need to deal with any challenges that you are currently be facing?

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