There is quite an astrological line up tomorrow!

MERCURY RETROGRADE re-entered Libra on October 10. This relates to communication (or MISCOMMUNICATION) and thoughts (or MISUNDERSTANDINGS) around PARTNERSHIP.

The Sun (SELF EXPRESSION) enters Scorpio tomorrow morning, along with Venus (MONEY, ART, VALUES, and RELATIONSHIP) and the Moon (HOME, FAMILY, EMOTIONS, HABITS). Scorpio tends to go to EXTREMES (“black and white”, “life and death”, and “all or nothing”).

A NEW MOON occurs every month, but not always at zero degrees of a sign. Zero degrees of any sign tends to be the STRONGEST EXPRESSION of that energy. This new moon will be at zero degrees of Scorpio, with Venus also at zero degrees of Scorpio.

The gift of Scorpio is the ability to deal with the SHADOW elements of the subconscious, bring up RICHES from the UNDERWORLD, and REGENERATE.

This will also be a PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE, which makes it even more exceptional.

To understand more fully how this eclipse might impact you, personally, look to see where it falls in your BIRTH CHART and how it aspects other points therein.

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Remember, Mercury is retrograde so messages might no go through the first time.

The energies will be intense. Remember to GROUND, BREATH deeply, LOVE yourself and others unconditionally, connect to SOURCE, and do your TRUE WILL. <3