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How can you make the Mercury Retrograde in January of 2016 WORK FOR YOU, instead of against you?

This MERCURY RETROGRADE can be your ALLY, instead of your enemy!

Do you have BAD HABITS that you want to eliminate?

Do have LIFE PATTERNS that you would like to change?

Do you have NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS set and want help achieving these goals?

Maybe you have not made resolutions yet, because you are not sure what you really want or you doubt your ability to achieve them?

This Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to address any of those issues!


Mercury is the “Messenger of the Gods”. Mercury was the only god who could both ASCEND to Mount Olympus and DESCEND into Hades. These mythological metaphors symbolize that this planet ties together the Self-Conscious (Middle Self) with our Super-Conscious (High Self) and Sub-Conscious (Low Self). When all aspects of our being are united then there is UNLIMITED POTENTIAL!

Mercury is the key to ACTUALIZING INTENTIONS. In the Tarot, Mercury is THE MAGICIAN!


Astrology is an excellent tool for timing magical intentions and increasing the chances of them manifesting.

Mercury STATIONS RETROGRADE on January 5, 2016. This is an excellent time to turn inward and REVIEW.

There are three SIMPLE and EASY processes that can be utilized.

The FIRST PROCESS involves checking in with your NEEDS:
1) Create four columns on a piece of paper, or your computer.
3) List your feelings in the first column. Feelings come from needs being met, or not being met.
4) List your needs in the second column. Make sure they are your needs and not your expectations of others.
5) Group the needs together, if any are related.
6) Imagine what it would be like if these needs were being met. What is your HEART’S DESIRE? Access your INSPIRATION! Use your IMAGINATION!

We will come back to the third and fourth columns later.


The Sun and Pluto meet up the same day the Mercury retrograde begins. The Sun is our LIFE EXPRESSION and CREATIVITY. Pluto is the power of TRANSFORMATION. Pluto is also WILL-POWER. Inspiration leads to ASPIRATION. Imagination leads to MOTIVATION.

The SECOND PROCESS involves SELF-EVALUATION and generating energy to CREATE CHANGE. On a separate piece of paper, or page on your computer, write out these four simple questions:
1) What do I WANT?
This is the WATER ELEMENT. This picture comes out of the first process outlined above. State what you want aloud.

2) What am I DOING to get what I want?
This is the EARTH ELEMENT. If I only have control over my own thoughts, words, and actions, then how am I utilizing these resources? State what you are currently doing with your thoughts, words, and actions aloud.

3) Is what I am doing to get what I want WORKING?
This is the AIR ELEMENT. How do I measure progress, or lack thereof? How long am I willing to wait? If things do not change, how long am I willing to tolerate it? State whether or not what you are currently doing is working aloud.

4) If what I am doing to get what I want is not working, then what am I WILLING TO CHANGE?
This is the element of FIRE. The idea is to create energy for change (Fire). This then feeds back into the first question of what you want (water). State your intent to change aloud. Create passion!

Cycle through these questions as many times as necessary in order to gain clear answers.


Saturn conjoins Venus on January 8, 2016. Venus relates to what we LOVE and DESIRE. Saturn relates to MANIFEST REALITY.

The THIRD PROCESS is usually the greatest EMOTIONAL RISK for people. Here is where we finish filling in the sections began in the first process, now that we have gained emotional momentum from the second process.

The THIRD PROCESS is as follows:
1) In the third column, write out requests of yourself. Start each one with “Would I be willing…” What requests could you make of yourself in order to get your needs met and accomplish your heart’s desire?
2) In the fourth column, write out requests of others. Start each one with “Would you be willing…” What requests could you make of others to help you get your needs met and manifest your heart’s desire?

You do not need to actually make these requests, yet. Simply ask write out the REQUESTS OF YOURSELF and REQUESTS OF OTHERS that you are considering.


The NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN is on January 9, 2016. The new moon is a good time for planting seeds. Capricorn relates to ESTABLISHING STRUCTURES and GIVING FORM.

Write out a clear and concise VISION STATEMENT, based on the First Process and Second Process above. The length ought to be no more than one short paragraph.

Phrase it in the POSITIVE, in terms of what you want rather than what you do not want.

Phrase it in the PRESENT TENSE, as if you already have achieved your vision.

Begin reciting this Vision Statement as an AFFIRMATION OF INSPIRATION every night before you go to bed, like a mantra. Make sure to charge it with the emotional energy gained from the First Process and Second Process above. Really want it!


MERCURY STATIONS DIRECT on January 25, 2016.

Write out a clear and concise MISSION STATEMENT, based on the Third Process above. What are you going to ask of yourself and others in order to manifest your vision (heart’s desire)?

Begin reciting this Mission Statement as an AFFIRMATION OF ASPIRATION every day when you wake up. Be serious about it!



Begin taking action to make your dreams come true!


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Make this Mercury Retrograde work for you, instead of against you.



“It is always darkest just before the Day dawneth.”

~ Thomas Fuller

Today is the 2014 WINTER SOLSTICE, the NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN, and the commencement of forward motion with planet URANUS. This is a rare and powerful combination!



In the WHEEL OF THE YEAR, the Winter Solstice is the time of greatest darkness and yet also the point when the light begins to return to the world.

In the WHEEL OF THE SOUL, the Winter Solstice is the time of full embodiment of consciousness.

Mythologically, the Winter Solstice is the time of the incarnation of the CHILD OF LIGHT.



The NEW MOON is the time when the Sun (masculine expression) and Moon (feminine reception) conjoin.

The Moon receives her light from the radiance of the Sun, and gives back life. The Moon’s pull on the Earth creates tides, which facilitated genesis of the components of life as well as the evolution of life.




The Winter Solstice always occurs when the Sun reaches zero degrees of Capricorn. This Winter Solstice is special because the Moon is also at zero degrees of Capricorn.

Capricorn is the sign of hard work and diligence that leads to SELF-MASTERY.



Uranus is also ending its retrograde motion (stationing direct) today.

Uranus is called the “GREAT AWAKENER”. Uranus is associated with the the High Self, or HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL. Uranus spends seven years in each sign, and therefore carries the energy of the octave and continually seeks to bring in a higher vibrational frequency.

When Uranus is retrograde, the revelation tends to be directed inward, like a GESTATION. When Uranus stations direct then it is a time of DELIVERY, or manifestation, of that revelation. When Uranus begins moving forward then the world is given the revelation as a PRESENTATION.



What does it mean that all of these astrological aspects are happening at the same time?

Imagine dreaming, and then realizing that you are dreaming. You suddenly become aware of your true nature and see through the the fantasy of your dreamscape. You no longer identify with the fictional persona of your dream self.

Similarly, it is possible at any moment during your waking life disentangle from the illusion of the world. The ego is a temporary persona that you have created to serve as a vehicle for your soul growth in this lifetime. It is transitory. What is important is the soul growth. Intense challenges prepare the ego to serve as a vehicle for our TRUE SELF.

Even during a time of great unconsciousness, we can suddenly attain ENLIGHTENMENT.



Coal and diamond are both made up entirely of carbon atoms.

A lump of coal is coarse and unrefined. When placed under tremendous pressure for long periods of time the carbon atoms within coal may realign into a diamond.

The ego is prepared through the challenges of life to receive INNER ILLUMINATION.



These transits undoubtedly reflect the current crises we are witnessing around the world, as well as the opportunities presented by those crises.

Capricorn is associated with the ESTABLISHMENT. Major shifts are needed within banks, corporations, religious groups, and governments. By the time Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024, we will see those shifts. First we must break down the outworn and outdated forms before new forms can be manifested to hold humanity’s RISING CONSCIOUSNESS.



Many people are experiencing tremendous challenges on a personal level. They feel as if they are being PUSHED OVER THE EDGE, and it is beyond what they believe they can handle.

Today a seed is planted in the subconscious for something new to grow. In every crisis there is an OPPORTUNITY.



To see where this seed of opportunity is being planted in your life, see where zero degrees of Capricorn falls in your BIRTH CHART.

If you need SUPPORT with the pressure of these transits, then please reach out. My CONTACT information can be found in the link below. <3