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Blessings on this New Moon in Gemini!

Gemini corresponds to The Lovers in the Tarot. Esoterically, the symbolism relates to the balancing of masculine and feminine energies under the auspices of spirit. This is the Hieros Gamos, or “Sacred Marriage”.

What will be highlighted at this time is where the masculine and feminine are in harmonious union, and where this balance is missing. Aspects of relationships that no longer serve our higher purpose will need to be realigned, or relinquished.

Gemini also relates to breath and communication. Remember that all words are sacred and we profane this gift when we use our speech to bring harm to ourselves, through our inner dialogue, or to others.

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~ Alan Schaub

New Moon In Virgo September 2015


The exact time of the NEW MOON IN VIRGO will be close to midnight (11:41 PM PDT) on Saturday, September 12, 2015. In the eastern portion of the United States, it will be at 2:41 AM EDT on Sunday, September 13.

I think this transit could be challenging for some people. The opportunities for soul growth might be especially significant for those who have any aspects at 19 or 20 degrees of any sign. Please check your birth chart to know for sure. For new clients, I am willing to provide a copy of your birth chart, as well as a 15 minute reading. Both are FREE!

The Sun and Moon will be together (conjunct) at 20 degrees of Virgo. This is a perfect opportunity to make ourselves “virginal”, in a spiritual sense, and receptive to the Divine Impulse. This is a good time for rituals to purify ourselves on every level. In this manner, we may conceive our own “magical child” within the virgin vessel of our being, meaning awakening to our True Self.

The Tarot card for Virgo is the Hermit. Take some time to withdraw from the world and focus on your own integrity, meaning alignment with your needs and values. Take care of your health, including setting healthy boundaries.

Once the new moon ends, having taken care of yourself, you will be in a better position to offer sacred service to others. This is symbolized by the lamp that the Hermit extends towards the outer world from his place of refuge.

Chiron (The Wounded-Healer) will be at 19 degrees of Pisces, opposing the Sun and Moon. Chiron, as an astronomical body, orbits between Saturn and Uranus. The Tarot card for Saturn is The World, which is our Lower Nature. The Tarot card for Uranus is the Fool, which is our Higher Nature. The depiction of Chiron in mythology as a centaur, or half man / half horse, represents the union of higher and lower natures. However, Chiron was the only centaur who was immortal. Whatever wounds may come up for you, remember your own divinity. Strive to align your lower nature / vehicle (body, car, etc.) with your higher nature. Also, lift your wounds from your lower heart (resentment, feeling sorry for yourself, etc.) to your higher heart (compassion towards self and others).

Uranus (The Great Awakener) will be at 19 degrees of Aries, also aspecting the Sun, Moon, and Chiron. Uranus is our antennae to the Divine, and represents Universal Consciousness. Take as much time for meditation as you are able leading up to the full moon. What you will notice afterwards is an increase of synchronistic experiences where you *seem* to be “at the right place at the right time”, without conscious effort. Of course, there are no coincidences. This is simply the view of our ego, which is the illusion of separation.

Saturn is passing through the final degree of Scorpio. If you have anything at 29 degrees of any sign then this might impact you more directly. We are passing through the eye of the needle!

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“It is always darkest just before the Day dawneth.”

~ Thomas Fuller

Today is the 2014 WINTER SOLSTICE, the NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN, and the commencement of forward motion with planet URANUS. This is a rare and powerful combination!



In the WHEEL OF THE YEAR, the Winter Solstice is the time of greatest darkness and yet also the point when the light begins to return to the world.

In the WHEEL OF THE SOUL, the Winter Solstice is the time of full embodiment of consciousness.

Mythologically, the Winter Solstice is the time of the incarnation of the CHILD OF LIGHT.



The NEW MOON is the time when the Sun (masculine expression) and Moon (feminine reception) conjoin.

The Moon receives her light from the radiance of the Sun, and gives back life. The Moon’s pull on the Earth creates tides, which facilitated genesis of the components of life as well as the evolution of life.




The Winter Solstice always occurs when the Sun reaches zero degrees of Capricorn. This Winter Solstice is special because the Moon is also at zero degrees of Capricorn.

Capricorn is the sign of hard work and diligence that leads to SELF-MASTERY.



Uranus is also ending its retrograde motion (stationing direct) today.

Uranus is called the “GREAT AWAKENER”. Uranus is associated with the the High Self, or HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL. Uranus spends seven years in each sign, and therefore carries the energy of the octave and continually seeks to bring in a higher vibrational frequency.

When Uranus is retrograde, the revelation tends to be directed inward, like a GESTATION. When Uranus stations direct then it is a time of DELIVERY, or manifestation, of that revelation. When Uranus begins moving forward then the world is given the revelation as a PRESENTATION.



What does it mean that all of these astrological aspects are happening at the same time?

Imagine dreaming, and then realizing that you are dreaming. You suddenly become aware of your true nature and see through the the fantasy of your dreamscape. You no longer identify with the fictional persona of your dream self.

Similarly, it is possible at any moment during your waking life disentangle from the illusion of the world. The ego is a temporary persona that you have created to serve as a vehicle for your soul growth in this lifetime. It is transitory. What is important is the soul growth. Intense challenges prepare the ego to serve as a vehicle for our TRUE SELF.

Even during a time of great unconsciousness, we can suddenly attain ENLIGHTENMENT.



Coal and diamond are both made up entirely of carbon atoms.

A lump of coal is coarse and unrefined. When placed under tremendous pressure for long periods of time the carbon atoms within coal may realign into a diamond.

The ego is prepared through the challenges of life to receive INNER ILLUMINATION.



These transits undoubtedly reflect the current crises we are witnessing around the world, as well as the opportunities presented by those crises.

Capricorn is associated with the ESTABLISHMENT. Major shifts are needed within banks, corporations, religious groups, and governments. By the time Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024, we will see those shifts. First we must break down the outworn and outdated forms before new forms can be manifested to hold humanity’s RISING CONSCIOUSNESS.



Many people are experiencing tremendous challenges on a personal level. They feel as if they are being PUSHED OVER THE EDGE, and it is beyond what they believe they can handle.

Today a seed is planted in the subconscious for something new to grow. In every crisis there is an OPPORTUNITY.



To see where this seed of opportunity is being planted in your life, see where zero degrees of Capricorn falls in your BIRTH CHART.

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New Moon in Leo Tomorrow Joins Up With Lucky Jupiter!

Tomorrow is a truly special New Moon!

The Sun and Moon will both be in Leo. There will be a powerful potential for new beginnings. Plant the seeds of light and love in your subconscious. These seeds might not come to fruition until the full moon, though.

The Sun rules Leo, so this is a comfortable pairing. Find a way to stand in the spotlight. If that is not possible then at least spend some time in the sunshine.

Leo is associated with romantic love. A new passion might get fired up. Tomorrow would be a great day for a wedding, or simply a romantic date.

Leo also relates to creative self-expression. This will be the perfect time to start an art project.

Leo is connected to children. This would be an excellent time to try to conceive a child, if that is your desire.

Jupiter will be conjoined with the Moon and Sun. This is not a common occurrence.

Jupiter expands horizons. This would be a good time to start a class, buy a new self-help book, or find some other way to broaden your view.

Jupiter is the teacher. Expanding the horizons of others might be another useful way to use this energy.

Jupiter in the Tarot is the Wheel of Fortune Card. Jupiter tends to bless whatever it touches. Leo is associated with risk taking, such as gambling. If you have been thinking about buying a lottery ticket or running to a casino, this might be a good time.

To understand the area of your life that this new moon might resonate with most, and thereby take full advantage of the energy, look to see where it will fall in your birth chart.

Most people have at least one house ruled by Leo. Some even have two. The house where the new moon falls is the area of your life most influenced.

In addition, look at anything in your birth chart that is aspected by this new moon in Leo joined with Jupiter.

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The word DEVIL is the word LIVED spelled backwards. A devil is any thought-form that has outlived its usefulness.

These devils perpetuate RESISTANCE to progress.


Have you ever had a song STUCK in your head?

Thought-forms in our subconscious operate in much the same way. SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS, BAD HABITS, and other UNHEALTHY PATTERNS become programmed below the level of our awareness. We then repeatedly manifest these dysfunctional patterns in our lives, often without full awareness of the role we play in creating them.


The first step in changing these patterns is to become CONSCIOUS of them.

The second step is to break-down, or DISSOLVE, the old patterns.

The third step, which the one most often neglected, is to actively begin forming new patterns to REPLACE the old ones. In order for this to work, the new patterns must MEET THE SAME NEEDS as the old patterns in a more EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT manner.


The GRAND CARDINAL CROSS peaked on April 23, 2014.

The Grand Cardinal Cross brought in a tremendous amount of energy and a huge potential for change. We can continue to ride upon the emotional and behavioral momentum that has already been generated.


The SOLAR ECLIPSE happens today (April 28, 11:14 PM PDT). It will only be visible from the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth, such as Australia. This will only be a partial eclipse and extremely short in duration.

This particular solar eclipse is a perfect time to bring consciousness to outworn patterns in our lives, set an intention to dissolve them, and then begin working on replacing these devils with healthier and more adaptive patterns.

A solar eclipse is always on a NEW MOON. In this case the Sun and Moon are conjoined in TAURUS, which relates to VALUES. This includes assets, personal values and a sense of self-worth.

What do you value? Are you prioritizing your values correctly? Do you value yourself enough?

In Geocentric Astrology, the Earth is always directly opposite the Sun in an astrology chart. The SHADOW side of Taurus is SCORPIO, which relates to WILL-POWER, the process of ELIMINATION and the capacity for REGENERATION. The gift of Scorpio is the ability to REINVENT ourselves.

What do you want to eliminate from your life? Where can you find the will-power to do so? How would you like to reinvent yourself?


The South Node is in ARIES. Aries relates to INDEPENDENCE and the ability to ASSERT individual needs.

Are you able to assert your individual needs without being too passive or too aggressive?

The North Node is in LIBRA. Libra relates to PARTNERSHIP and the need for HARMONY, or BALANCE.

Are you able to be in partnership without losing your sense of self? Where do you need to establish more balance and harmony in your life?


What devils challenge you most?


Please contact me if you need assistance in any of these areas?