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The Sun moves into Taurus tonight!

The fiery acceleration of Aries is slowed by the inertia of this sign. The beauty of the world is made manifest.

The energy of Taurus may be expressed in your birth chart, and not necessarily through the position of your Sun at birth. You might have a Taurus Ascendant (Taurus Rising), Taurus Descendant, Taurus Midheaven, Taurus Nadir or any number of planets and asteroids in this sign.

Taurus is a Fixed-Earth sign. Those with strong Taurus energy in their birth chart often feel the need to ground themselves out through physical activity, such as gardening, or some other strong connection with the Earth. Taurus harmonizes well with the other Earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn.

Taurus likes to work towards goals at a steady pace. If this direction is impeded, rushed and there is a feeling of being forced in a different direction then the individual might become stubborn or even angry.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, and shares this planetary rulership with Libra. The combination of Fixed-Earth energy with Venus means this sign has an inward need for harmony and beauty. Taurus is sensual and loves to touch, taste, smell, see and smell the world. This deep attention to the senses can manifest as over-sensitivity to certain stimuli. Taurus may also have difficulty with anything that is abstract or intangible. Taurus can also be hedonistic, meaning over-indulging in the senses.

Taurus also often seeks to express harmony and beauty outwardly. This might be accomplished through tasteful clothing, decorating, cooking or artistic pursuits. Taurus also has a need for a sense of comfort, security and stability in their life and environment.

Taurus rules the Second House of values. This includes anything we feel has worth, including all our assets. It also relates to the personal or cultural values we hold. Finally, it may be associated with our intrinsic value or sense of self-worth.

When one of these areas is imbalanced, the focus of Taurus energy may over-compensate in other areas. For example, if inner wealth is lacking then the individual may become materialistic, forming excessive attachments to money and possessions. It can also manifest as rigidity with regard to personal or cultural values and judgement of others who do not hold the same values.

Taurus rules the throat as well as most of the anatomy involved with speaking and singing. It is important for those with strong Taurus energy to exercise the voice by communicating needs assertively.

Esoterically, Taurus corresponds with the Hierophant in the Tarot. The Hierophant sits in the East of the Temple, the place of dawning light, in both ancient and modern mystery schools. One meaning of this card is a human agency serving as mediator between the spiritual and the mundane, as well as the voice or oracle of the Divine. Those with strong Taurus energy in their birth charts might feel a calling to take on this role.