What do people say about True Will Astrology?

“Alan Schaub is a Western Astrology Wizard… A reading with him can go deep into history or help you through mystery.”

~ Catherine Scholz


“Alan, thank you so very much for helping us to chart a new course. You are amazing!”

~ Cassandra Reeves


“I just spent a very meaningful hour with Alan Schaub.  My reading was very personalized, intimate and meaningful!

~ E.P.


“The man works beautifull magic!

Alan is amazing and he has helped me transform my marriage. He has a great combination of sensitive respect and truthful assertiveness.”

~ David G.


“I had a great modern astrology reading today with Alan Schaub of True Will Astrology.  Alan held a loving, compassionate space to gently help me understand the shadows and challenges in my chart for transformation and personal growth. I highly recommend him as an excellent resource if you are looking for greater self-understanding.

~ Amanda Joy Lyon


“Alan has been a tremendous help for my family. His work with us has made a powerful impact on our lives. We first met Alan seeking assistance for our son who needed some help through a trying time. His ability to relate to him with compassion and to create a safe place for expression and healing was just what our son needed. He really enjoys his sessions with Alan and looks forward to them. He has worked with my husband and I to enhance our communication with each other and taught us some excellent new skills. His abilities in the realm of astrology are also amazing. He was able to share with me what my true will and purpose for this lifetime is and show me that I’m indeed doing what I came here to do. Alan’s work is very heart centered. He truly cares about others and this is apparent in how he does his own true will and sacred service for those he works with.”

~ Anjali


“Alan’s astrology readings have been a great resource for insight into present and past situations, as well as a guidance system to prepare for future events.  He has predicted with amazing accuracy so far!  He is also well versed in mythology, history and symbolic systems such as tarot and the tree of life, so that his explanations of why things are unfolding as they are are layered with rich detail and deep significance to my own life.  I have and will continue to refer him to many.”

~ Nolita Matuschka


“Alan, congrats!  You really are ‘in the know’ when it comes to astrology.  You have an amazing ability to weave various symbolic systems (Astrology, Tarot, Runes, etc.) into the tapestry of your art.  You do this in a way that is easy enough for a child to comprehend.  This service is offered in friendly, humble, compassionate and appreciative manner.”

~ Michael Whiteley


“My husband and I just had a reading together as we navigate through our loving divorce and what an experience!  Thank you Alan for shedding light on our strengths, weaknesses and ways we can continue to support and love one another through these transitions. I highly recommend a reading to anyone wishing to understand personal dynamics of themselves in and outside of partnership.”

~ Shea Smith


“Alan, I want to thank you for the much-needed reading you gave with me. Your breadth of knowledge and kind delivery are so greatly appreciated. You have helped me to be further mindful of the inter-connectedness of life’s happenings”

~ Jill Pace


“I’ve had a number of Astrological Readings over the years , from some truly gifted and renowned astrologers, however, Alan Schaub is exceptional in a number of ways. The combination of his deep understanding of not only the principals of astrology, but the mythic underpinnings combined with his sensitive and empathetic skills in the realm of Trans~personal psychology have created a deep sense of trust and I have found his counsel truly helpful during some difficult transitions . I recommend him unequivocally and my friends have reported their sessions have been equally rewarding. I will continue to seek Alan’s counsel and I recommend him to anyone seeking a unique and powerfully trans formative experience.”

~ Magdalena M.


“I worked with Alan Schaub as my astrologer, counselor and mediator between my ex-husband and I as we navigated difficult decisions in our separation. Alan is not only incredibly knowledgable and intuitive when it comes to astrology, he is also very skilled when it comes to non-violent communication and mediation. He truly seeks harmony for each of his clients in their lives.

Alan’s guidance no doubt helped me to not only get through one of the most challenging times in my life, but I now feel more empowered and equipped with tools than I did beforehand. He teaches you about yourself, your strengths and gifts, and how to deal with challenges, how to create more self-expression, communicate in relationships, parent more effectively and of course, how to become acutely aware of your true will in life! I can’t thank him enough for his commitment to this work.”

~ Katie H.


“Alan Schaub is a very gifted and intuitive astrologer and counselor.  I have been getting readings and guidance from him for 3 years. With Alan’s encouragement, I have been able to overcome fear and obstacles that had been holding me back as long as I can remember.  This growth and acceptance has led me into a completely new line of work that I love and a relationship that meets my needs in ways I never thought possible.  I know several people who have had similar experiences, and some even more intense and life-altering, as a result of meeting with Alan.  I now reside in a place of inner peace, wealth, and happiness that I wholeheartedly believe would not exist had it not been for my interactions with him.  I cannot state enthusiastically enough how firmly I believe that Alan Schaub single-handedly improves, and in some cases literally saves, the lives of the people who seek his guidance and heed his advice.”

~ A.B.


“I found True Will Astology & Alan via Facebook…I am totally & utterly impressed. I HIGHLY recommend Alan & his special talents…5 stars!”

~ Angela L.


“I found Alan Schaub on Facebook through a common friend and *boy* am I glad I did so! I consider myself lucky to know him, and his lovely wife. He is not only a skilled astrologer, he is also a gem of a person with a kind and loving heart.

I was going through a difficult phase in my life. Although I am a student of Vedic Astrology, I wanted to know if Western Astrology could help me find a few answers.

I could not at that time afford Alan’s services, and yet he went out of his way to find time within his busy schedule to offer me a free reading.

In my experience, many astrologers won’t even look at a person’s chart if they haven’t been paid in advance. Alan’s services come from his heart, though.

Alan has patiently answered all my questions, time and again, whenever I have needed his advice. He has never failed to be there to help me when I requested assistance.

Alan has been understanding and respectful of our cultural differences, which is important to me when seeking guidance from someone from another country.

Alan has truly helped me get a better understanding of my birth chart, as well as ongoing transits that brought up challenges in my life.

Even though Western Astrology is different from the Vedic system, Alan understood my situation perfectly. He is a truly gifted and intutive astrologer!

I would highly recommend Alan Schaub to anyone who is interested in getting a reading done. You would will gain a much better understanding of yourself, as well a life-long friend.”

~ Sangeeta Kawatra


“Alan Schaub is a truly gifted and evolved astrological counselor. His ability to match data and insight into meaningful, useful information for his clients is outstanding. I highly recommend Alan to anyone desiring a deep look into their own construct. He is also a master at holding safe space for clients while he lovingly guides them toward healthy relationship choices.”

~ Leslie Pitts


“Alan is truly a talented astrologer, mediator and counslor. I would recommend going to him for both an annual astrological check in/refresh and also for regular visits to assist with mediation and individual or family/couples counseling. My partner and I walked away after just one session together with usable tools and skills that brought better comminucation and understanding of each other to our relationship. I’ve found that Alan’s approach is tangible for many folks- I have found over time that I know a lot of single friends, couples and families who have benefited greatly from seeing Alan over the last several years.”

~ C.R.


“Astrology is basically braille in the sky, telling the universal story.  I’m grateful there are people like you, Alan Schaub, who can read it.”

~ L.P.


“I had an astrological reading with Alan Schaub (True Will Astrology), and he said that I might want to look into buying a new car soon.  I followed his advice, and then my old car took a turn for the worst.  Thanks for saving my butt, Alan!

~ M.B.


“If you are searching for a warm heart, a great listener, and help delving into your inner being, then call or message Alan Schaub.  He is awesome!”

~ Robin Schneider McMillin

“Alan is a professional.  I found the session educational, yet supportive.  It brought me a great deal of peace.  The fact that he’s also a formally educated therapist, and has many years of experience in this discipline, makes his service invaluable.  I highly recommend him!”

~ Sarah B. D.


”Thank you for saving me, today!”

~ Amy Fox Ridlehuber